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Being an Account Director and a Producer (shootings and events) in a city like Beijing is not an easy job. Every day dealing with big crowds, rush time in subways, not to say if you call a Didi or catch a cab… you are doomed to be stuck in traffic for hours. These are the kind of situations we all want to avoid when your job is your life and your 24 hours consuming hobby at the same time. Jumping from shootings to meetings, from meetings to venue checking, from venues to set ups and back to meetings… Traffic, which is translated in this city as “time”, is one of the most important and valuable things we have. But how can we gain time? How can I make the most of the time I have? How can I move from meetings to venue checks and back to meetings in minutes instead of hours? How can I meet my friends for dinner in less than 20 minutes in another part of the city? Let’s put it like this… how can we move freely in such a big and crowded city and actually feel that freedom? These were my questions during years until I got to know the best e-bike in China’s market. NIU, seemed to me the new traffic revolution.

在北京这样的城市中担任客户总监和制作人(拍摄和活动)并非易事。每天与一大群人打交道,要乘坐地铁赶时间。如果打滴滴涕或搭出租车,注定要被堵在路上很长时间。如果工作占据了所有时间,生活里没有任何其他闲暇时光,这种情况是大家都希望避免的。从拍摄到会议,从会议到场地检查,从场地再回到会议……交通在这个城市被翻译为“时间”,是我们拥有的最重要和最有价值的东西之一。但是,我们怎样能有更多时间?如何充分利用自己的时间?如何从会议转到场所检查,而且几分钟之后再回到会议?我怎么能在不到20分钟的时间里去到朋友那里?或许应该说,我们如何才能在如此拥挤的大城市中自由出行,并真正感受到那种自由?这是困扰我多年以来的问题,直到我了解到中国的一款电动自行车: 小牛。在我看来,它是新的交通革命。


How long the battery last? How long do I need to wait for the battery to charge? After a bit of research and knowing how auto brands are moving forward, I understood that NIU lithium batteries are made to help you with your inner-city long rides, to help you basically to avoid traffic commuting or help you to avoid being stocked in traffic for ages in a taxi. Isn’t that called “transport revolution”? On top, they are environmentally friendly which means I’m contributing this city to get cleaner (God knows is need it); they are easy to charge anywhere and everywhere… Think about it? With high performance removable and fast charging batteries that last long time (even to have a second life) makes NIU to be a great city tool. Stop for lunch, charge, GO! Can’t be more convenient. Definitely, to have a NIU is a new feeling of freedom. Quick and interesting data, according to my NIU App and its smart track I have saved just in this year around 2382 hours in traffic, I saved more than 1000 RMB in public transport and I contributed to the environment with an emission reduction of 410kg. Transport Reimaged!

电池能用多长时间?电池充电时间多长?经过一番研究并了解到汽车品牌的发展趋势后,我了解到小牛锂电池制造的目的就是在市区内的长途旅行,从根本上避免通勤问题。因为乘出租车很长时间了,所以认为小牛就是所谓的“交通革命”。最重要的是,它很环保,这意味着我正在为这座城市做出贡献,让它变得更清洁(上帝知道这是对的);小牛可以随处充电……你考虑一下吗? 小牛具有高性能且便携式快速充电电池,可以使用很长时间(甚至可以恢复后第二次使用),使小牛成为了出色的城市工具。停下来吃午饭时也可以充一下电,然后再出发,再方便不过了。骑小牛可以体验一种新的自由,根据我的小牛 App及其智能跟踪可以及时获取有趣的数据。我在今年已经节省了约2382小时的交通时间,相当于节省了1000多元人民币的交通费,为环境做出了贡献,减少了410kg的排放量。


Shooting commercials and do massive events for auto brands like Volvo, BMW, Audi Lynk Co or Lexus, is my everyday thing which demands me to be creative, to be up to date with new market trends and coming ups. Being really familiar with them, these brands are innovative, try to be connected to their consumers, try to adapt their products to the cities they are made for. And so, does NIU. NIU bikes not only use Bosch motors which are particularly known by their efficiency, their power and high performance but also, they are equipped with a smart dashboard that provides you with all the information about your scooter as driving modes, battery percentage or ECO ride option to name a few.

I have to say, that while shooting the new commercial for Volvo and Xiaopeng, I realized that auto brands are producing new revolutionary products and that to be connected with your vehicle is one of the most important things in cities, and that was another big reason to choose NIU as my e-bike. NIU is equipped with a Cloud Smart Controller and with the NIU App you can have access to all the information about your bike at any time. Battery health, your own rides, the estimated km you can ride and even a new smart service that allow you to see where your vehicle is positioned and anti-theft sensor that will send you notifications to your own phone. Seriously, NIU is the partner you need to survive in this city.

Working everyday with designers, creative people and fashion gurus also make me think twice about my choices and for so on which kind of vehicle I wanted to purchase and to be seeing on. It would need to be cool but not to extravagant, simple but nicely designed, it basically needed to be just right. The simplicity of my M1 series really attracted my attention. I have been always on the side that less is more so for me, the M1 has everything I wanted. Nicely but carefully designed with attention to detail as the usb charging port, passengers foot rest, the sexy rounded front light and the color I personally chose (dark grey) are aspects that made me fall in love with my bike.




But getting to the point… I love my NIU for the freedom I can feel every time that I ride in this city. Hanging around with other friends (which also have bikes) make us also to be more connected and let us to see each other more often. We ride to the pool on weekends, to explore new and old little bars around the hutongs, to go to the park for picnic or to grab a quick lunch on week days. It’s just convenient, quick, fun! But I need to mention as well that I literally can’t imagine my life now without my NIU. I go to work, to boxing, to buy everyday groceries, to the bank… without wasting all my time on commuting or my money in cabs. It’s just perfect. It’s the future of inner-city transportation.


周末我们骑车去游泳,探索胡同周围的新旧小酒吧,去公园野餐或在工作日享用便当,都十分的方便、快捷、有趣! 我还要说的是,如果没有小牛,无法想象我现在的生活会是怎样。




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